Personal Pieces
If you would like a piece prepared just for you, begin by looking at
many of Pat's pieces.  Look at size, frames, colors, lettering etc.  Think
about where you would like the piece to accent your home.  Maybe
even sketch it out on a piece of paper.  Then e-mail or call
Pat and let her know what you are thinking about.  

Floral piece: know what flowers and colors you want to use. Have
pictures of the flowers if they are not native to Kansas.

Animal piece:  if you are using your animal, be sure you have several
pictures of the animal's head and body.  Please shoot the pictures at
your animal's eye level.

Sign/Logo:  A family logo or sign are always treasured pieces.  Have
the size and dimensions that you are interested in.  Know the colors
used in the original piece.

Pat is very good at creating and recreating anything you are interested
in.  Give her an idea with some guidelines and you will be thrilled with
the results.

Orders for Christmas need to be placed by September.

All pictures and memorabilia will be returned with the finished piece.

Payment for sign will occur when the piece is completed.