Welcome to the studio.  Follow Pat through
the making of one of her large winter scenes.  
After picking out the piece of wood that would
work for her sign she begins to paint the
Start To Finish
All the background is painted in and the details begin to take shape.
The details are added.  Pat uses many different resources to acquire the look she needs for each sign.  
As Pat finishes each piece, she begins to think about the frame for it.  
.When a round is finished Pat trims the edges          She then prepares the lathe so that it can form around.  After the lathe has been prepared Pat trims the
endsnto a round.                                                         the sign
The lathe is applied to the sign with wood tacks and allowed to dry for a period of time.  Wood clamp are used to hold the lathe in place while it dries.
When the sign is dry,  we put a hanger on
the back and Pat signs the piece.  We then
hang it in the studio until we attend our next